Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Permission??? Maybe blessing....

I figure that I'm going to be 35 soon, so I can say this.  Yes, I believe that I'm old enough to have my own mind on the subject.

I've been thinking...
...about how when I was younger it mattered (A LOT- maybe too much) to me that my brothers approved of and liked "My Guy".  Now, I DON'T CARE.

And...When I was younger, it mattered to me that my Dad liked "My Guy".   I COULDN'T CARE LESS now.

I realized that I only 'cared' about that last one because I was told that I needed to & had to (and it makes good sense for a younger young lady.).  I only 'cared' about the first one because I naively thought that "We Three" would someday be a "We Six"- so that made obvious sense to me.

Now that I'm a not-so-young lady, I only care what I think.  And what my Mother thinks.  If I like him, and my Mom does too, and gives her blessing- that is fine with me.  "My Guy" need not apply to any of the men in my family for 'permission' to marry me!  Hmmmm...I think that that should cut down on a LOT of drama!*  

If, after talking to us women folks he for some (crazy**) reason still wants to get a blessing from one or more of the men folks- I wish him all the luck in the world.

No, I'm NOT intending any disrespect: No one knows me like my Mom, not one soul has my best interest at heart like she does, either. =)  And...I don't trust anyone like I do her.

 *Male "Drama Queens" are in my opinion, almost or may be - WORSE than the female versions

**Ummm...did I just say my guy was crazy or may be crazy???  I did NOT mean to say it or think sorry!  

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