Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Birthday~ 2013

Thank you all so much for making my 28th birthday a pleasure and making me feel so loved!  I love you all!

I thought that I would show you this really cute card that my Grandma & Papa sent me:

First Birthday party of the year was 3 generations in San Antonio! 

The second Birthday party was with cousins~ Sarah and Adam were in town on Saturday, so we decided to have a Monkey Party, and serve Monkey Steaks (aka: Eli's t-bones)  =)

(get the monkey party favor instructions here)

Cousin Sarah and I whipping up a dessert for Sunday evening!  Cinnamon Pudding Cake - yum!  Thanks to J. Vrazo for the recipe!

And at last minute last Thursday evening, we decided to go ahead and have a Lunch @ TaMolly's on Tuesday (today)!  We invited a lot of ladies and 22 of my/our "deer" friends came!  The favors were individual brownies.  =)   (see photos here)
 (I got the deer tags from Free Pretty Things For You- here)

After such a fun afternoon (1-6 pm!) I was excited to come home and look and see the jolly party and good wishes on my Facebook page. 
 I thank everyone who came to the party or commented on my wall or sent text messages or e-mailed or phoned or MAILED cards!  =)

 My sweet brother Benjamin called to wish me a happy birthday and then I had a fun dinner and gift opening with my parents.  The highlights of which were a red with white polka-dot tea pot and a bag of pink party paper goods! 

 Thanks again!

 (at some point more photos of each of these events will be uploaded, thank you for your patience!)

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McKee Family said...

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of blessing and indulging you! There are some perks to being an "only child" in the nest!

You are such a blessing to us and you should never think you aren't worthy of all the love and blessings those who love you can bestow upon you!

Your "dear, sweet mama"! =)