Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Eliza Doolittle Day, 2016!!!

 Remember to have fun today!   ...hang out with friends, eat chocolate, drink tea, dance, listen to/sing along to fun music...
I found out that this post makes the ninth EDD post on the this blog---and to think-- I was celebrating it before I started posting about it!  =)

2 of my favorite songs:

"I Could Have Danced All Night" 

If you are looking for a quick & easy Chocolate recipe, try this one: HERE


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Grandaddy in Nevada

Do you ever see things that you would not normally like, but they make you remember someone...  ...So on some level you like something really odd, like the postcard below:

This postcard reminds me of my Mom's of the things that he used to say was "The whole famdamily".   I guess that he thought that it sounded nicer that way?  I don't know about that, but as a child (and now) it is fun to say (in my head or to myself), and it tickles your mouth somehow, when you say it. =)

Dwayne Eugene “Doc” Cottom 
 May 12, 1939 ~ October 22, 2013. 
Grandan Gene, Matt, Grandma Marge & Joshua, Me & Mom, Grandaddy and Clint (Summer 1986)

Usually known to his Grandchildren as "Grandaddy in Nevada"
and sometimes "G-dad"....

~Grandaddy in Nevada left some pretty nice people~

His wife Mary, they had 25ish years together.
Mary & Benjamin (Summer 1992)

3 Children:  Debbie & Pleas McKee, Matt & Debbra Cottom, and Clint Cottom

6 Grandchildren:  Joshua & Anna McKee,  Adrienne McKee,  Benjamin & Jalinda McKee, Cameron Carstenbrook, Megan Cottom, and Matthew Cottom 

3 Great-grandchildren:  Garrett, Damond & Simon

Grandan Gene (my great-grandfather), Grandaddy, Cameron, Uncle Matt & Uncle Clint

Donna & Cameron Carstenbrook, and Uncle Matt

Summer 1986- Uncle Clint & I and Joshua & Grandaddy at Circus Circus in Reno, NV 

This was normal~ open the door, stand there,
and holler & yell~ until everyone came running!

Grandaddy & I weren't really the best of friends...  =) (Summer 1986)

Grandaddy trying to play with Benjamin in 1992

Grandaddy & Cameron Carstenbrook

Monday, April 11, 2016

My first Mug Rugs

front of rug #1

Have you ever made a Mug Rug?  I wanted to for 2+ years, and intended to make one this Summer to send in my Mug Swap gift I sent to Val....but that did not happen....
front of rug #1

....I finally made not 1, but 2 Mug Rugs!  They went with the Turquoise Fiesta cup & saucer...
back of rug #1

....and are a wedding gift for Elisha Ann--I hope that she likes them!
front of rug #2

front of rug #2

front of rug #2

front of rug #2
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I just love her blog, especially around Valentine's day!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whatever Wednesday: DIY Valentine banner/garland

Every year I plan to make at least one new bit of Valentine decor.... 

...this year, I made this sweet banner/garland.
 I found the free printables on Amy's blog.  You get 16 (all different) cute retro Valentines per sheet! (HERE)  We did not have colored ink, so I had Staples print them---they did a super job!

 My banner only used 12, so I have 4 leftover~ I think that I'll make a cute little mini banner with would fit nicely in an envelope for a really cute "thinking of you" note!  =)

 I found the free prints on Amy's blog.  
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rachel's Birthday Party

The theme for Rachel Schatte's 30th Birthday Party was "Coffee"
 We played 3 brand new games at this party!  2 action and 1 thinking... 
....we also played the "guess how many _____" are in the jar, game.

First new game: Pass the Bean (well, we really passed 15 beans per team)

Videos here & here

The second new game: Rice Race!

The third new game: "Coffee Pot"

Time to eat!     Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the food table & coffee bar!  =(

Party favors (details here)


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

DIY Party Favors for a Coffee Party

"Doughnut" sugar cooky party favors, for Rachel Schatte's 30th Birthday Party!!!  (The theme was "Coffee".)

I got the little "party favor" baggies at Dollar Tree (40 for $1?),  Mom printed the "Thanks a Latte" stickers,  I bought the instant coffee and True Lemon stevia sweetened "Raspberry Lemonade" (here) packets on Amazon!   3"-4" of packing tape on the back sealed things up nicely!  =)

Don't look now, the cooky monster is smiling at you...

Sure, these favors took some time to bake/make, but they were so much fun!!!  =)

(Maybe I'm the Cooky Monster....I ate more than I should have...sigh...oh, well!)

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Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Party Favors

Did I ever tell you that I love making and giving party favors?

I bought the download for the airmail "love note" pdf- it was only a dollar, and you can get it HERE!

My type setting skills are rusty! I remembered that the letters are "flipped over" (is that the way to say it?), but I forgot to put every thing in backwards, lol!  =)  Oops! I guess I'm not ready to go into business yet....

Mom and Mrs. Bee helped me make these sweet favors for Sarah's bridal shower.

ALWAYS make sure to test the print BEFORE you start stamping the project!!!  =)

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Milly~Molly~Mandy books

I think that everyone should read the English children's stories about Milly-Molly-Mandy written by Joyce Lankester Brisley.   I was mostly grown up when I was introduced to MMM, but I've read all the stories I could get my hands on, and have sent books to 7 different families...little boys and girls alike love Milly-Molly-Mandy and her friends.  

The first MMM book was published in 1928!  

If your child MUST have colored pictures (and fewer stories), I would recommend THIS book.
If your child just loves the stories and wants as many as possible, then THIS is the book for you!

James & Adam

I just LOVE Milly-Molly-Mandy and Have thought of having a MMM party~  Look at this party I just found: HERE!   Additional link: here
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Monday, March 07, 2016

Musical Monday: The Time Of Your Life

"It's the time of your life, so live it well..." 
Good words to remember, no matter if you are old or young.  And good words to live by. 

(embedded below or listen to it HERE.)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Second party!

The second party was a Ron Paul 2008 Reunion & Tell Adrienne "Happy Birthday" at the Free Man in Deep Ellum!  =)

In other news: I received over 65 birthday good wishes!  =)

 I have had a really great Birthday~ thank you all you wonderful friends and family for making it so special!

The older gentleman sat at the table next to us and was admiring the signs we brought....
...before he left he asked for one. We happily obliged!
He said he had a bar and wanted to hang it there.