Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Summer Of No Pants 2015 ~ post #1

Sad news: Marigold is not hosting Summer Of No Pants this year...but I completely understand, as it is a lot of work in and of it self & she has a job & family to care for.  I'm going to do my own little SONP~ you know just posting what I'm up too.     (I'll also share on the Summer of No Pants Google+ group, and anyone (even you!) can join & post at anytime.)

~I used my go-to pattern, the retired Simplicity #8071
~Mom suggested that I cut the skirt on the bias, and I'm glad that I did!
~I added an extra inch of fabric to each shoulder front, and gathered it to make it match the back bodice.  (Then pinched it out (2 pleats) at the waist.)
~The zipper is a regular zipper, set in the side, so I did not have to worry about the plaid matching!
~I also lengthened the bodice a 3 inches (too long), so I could wear a belt with it.

 The fabric is a nice light/cool plaid that was given to me by my Gay, and the *Zipper came from my Lisa (well, really from her friend's estate sale).  Thanks friends!

This dress had it's debut in San Marcos, Texas.  =)

*Remember my Zipper post? Read it HERE.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Musical Monday: Home Free- "King of the Road"

Wikipedia states:
"..."King of the Road" is a 1964 song written and originally recorded by country singer Roger Miller.
The popular crossover record hit No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No. 1 on their Country and Easy Listening surveys. It was also No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart, and in Norway.
Miller recalled that the song started when he was driving and saw a sign on the side of a barn that said "trailers for sale or rent"...."

I love lots of versions of this song (click on the name to hear them):  
Home Free (embedded today)

Embedded video today!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Musical Monday: Julie Andrews- "I Feel Pretty"

Embedded video today! Or click HERE to listen!

We all love to listen to Julie Andrews sing, don't we?  I especially like this rendition of West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty". (Just so you know...I don't like West Side Story.)

FYI: The original 1957 Broadway production ran for 732 performances before going on tour. The production was nominated for six Tony Awards including Best Musical in 1957,but the award for Best Musical went to The Music Man.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I love making new friends...

Do you like making new friends?

This is little Daniel Pebbles~   don't you just love that hair?!   =)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Food on Friday: Gluten-Free Applecake (recipe too!)

 Sometimes when you go to share a recipe (that you tweaked) you realize that it does not convert very well to the written page.  This is one of those times...I hope that it makes sense to you and that if you have questions you will ask.  =)    We took it to the Maines, and all 8 of us seemed to like it rather well!

1)  18 oz thinly sliced (& peeled) apples- separated in thirds- 6 oz in the bottom of a greased 9"X13" pan, and 6 oz in each of 2 bowls.

2)  I sprinkled our Cinnamon/Stevia/Sugar mix on the apples in the pan (until kind of brown).

3) Then I stirred 1/2 T. Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice into each bowl of 6 oz of apples and dumped in some plain Cinnamon. And 1/2 T. Sucanat (maybe it should have been 1T.).
(not sure that the above is necessary- I think that another time I would just generously sprinkle our Cinnamon/Stevia/Sugar mix on the apples in the pan -until kind of brown)

4) Double THIS recipe for Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes found HERE over at Elana's Pantry. =)
(I only used 4t. Vanilla instead of 6t.  Another time I would use it all, or 4t. Vanilla & 2t. Almond)

5)  Spread half the cake batter in the pan on top the apples.
6)  Top with one bowl of apples.
7)  Carefully spread the last of the cake batter...
8) with the remaining bowl of apples!

9)  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes?
10)  Cool. and top with:
 I thought that it should have a topping to make it more "special", so I made the topping from the Applecake Bars from "Piece of Cake"-- it's super easy: just melt 6T (or 4-6oz) of Apricot Jelly and pour/brush over the cake....more is better & easier to spread than less!  =)

~Happy Eating! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: My visit to the movie theater

While at the movie theater (in Greenville) this afternoon: I was disturbed by a critter running over my foot. Turns out, Mom had SEEN a dark shape run across the aisle, then the critter ran across Charity's feet, and then mine. (get this: NOT ONE of us screamed and I did not squeal loud (I think).) At first we thought it was a LARGE spider, but when we told the employes after they said something like: "The rains flooded out their homes"....that made us think 4 legs, like a mouse. Ugg! =P

Comic book movies I've seen:
(that I know of)
Batman (the first one)
Red 1 & 2  
The Incredibles (the first one)
Green Lantern
Hell Boy (the first one)
Avengers: Age of Ultron

And these sure seemed like comic book movies to me:
Men In Black (the first one)
The Bourne Identity (the first one)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Easy Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme -recipe review (& recipe too!)

Maybe trying a new recipe at 9-something at night is not such a good idea...  =)

I made a variation on: Easy Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme (Recipe HERE)

sub. Raw Cows Milk for Coconut milk
sub. 2 t. Decaf Instant Coffee for instant espresso powder
I used my last bar of Chocolate from Aldi's (they only sell baker's chocolate in December).

~First I decided to not use the Vitamix- I decided to use a hand mixer.
~Second, I decided to mostly melt the chocolate on the stove, and then add the milk (heated to about 100?).
I got Mom to help me run the mixer while I add the chocolate milk to the egg did not thicken, so I set the dish in a bowl of ice water, and continued to mix on still never thickened, Mom suggested that maybe the coconut milk may have contributed to the thickening in the original recipe, so I added a spoon of coconut oil....still did not thicken (but it has little oil lumps now).
I gave up, poured it into 3 little ramekins, and chilled them in the fridge overnight.  As you can see in the photo below, they never set up.  =/   (But they taste marvelous.  I'll bet it would be good dumped on yogurt, or in coffee, or on ice cream....)

I would like to try this recipe again, and not make SO many changes....  =)

Monday, June 08, 2015

Musical Monday: Robin Hood- "Oh de lally"

Happy Monday, y'all!   

"Oh de lally" has always been my favorite song from Disney's  "Robin Hood".

(The lines that say: "Never ever thinkin' there was danger in the water They were drinkin', they just guzzled it down..." always makes me think FLUORIDE!!!!!)
Embedded video today~

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Caring for Mom & Dad

"It's those treasured times that 
outweigh those challenging moments..."

I watched the PBS video "Caring for Mom & Dad" was good, and they did a good job.  I'm glad that I was able to be a caregiver for awhile...I learned lots of new things, and see some things differently now.

Are there older people in your family?  Maybe you should take the time to watch this. 
(Don't get scared, or borrow trouble...take time to prepare yourself now: your health- physical and mental is a good place to start. And take time for people now, while you can...)

Follow the link below to watch the "Caring for Mom & Dad" video on PBS:

(They did not have any Grandparents with caregiver Grandchildren in the show, I thought that was odd.)

Rachel, Bella & Grandma Hale

Monday, May 25, 2015

Musical Monday: Harry Chapin- "Cat's In the Cradle"

 Embedded video today!       (or listen here)

Cat's in the Cradle is a thought provoking song....if you have or want children in your life, please listen to this song.  Not that I think that you should spend all your waking time with your children (there is a healthy balance), I think that there are plenty of Dads and Moms who think that they are involved with their children, and spend time with them and don't really spend quality time.

"Cat's in the Cradle" is a 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin.  The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1974

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eliza Doolittle Day, 2015~

It's that time of year again~ the 20th of May: Eliza Doolittle Day!   
I just love obscure holidays that are not Religious or Patriotic...  =)
If you don't own (or can't find) the My Fair Lady soundtrack, you can listen to it HERE!

Mom and I ate this Green & Black's Organic chocolate bar (I think that their Mint Chocolate bar tastes better).

Some of you know that we tried making a new recipe for healthy chocolate for our chocolate this year, and it was okay.  We made a variation on THIS recipe found HERE.
Our only problem was it separated as it cooled---so the honey ended up on the bottom! 

So, we re-melted half of it, heating till slight bubbles appeared, added 1/2 C. crisp rice cereal & 1/2 C. ground/chopped pecans.   Instead of chilling in the fridge, I popped it in the freezer.  (I also spread it thinner)   It did not separate! 

Our homemade chocolate

(If you make the recipe, be careful to read all her new notes and maybe even read the comments on her post.)

Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Movie: An Old Fashioned Girl (1949)

You may recognize some of the actors is this fun movie!

~Elinor Donahue ("Andy Griffith Show" & "Father Knows Best")
~Irene Ryan (Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies)
~Jimmy Lydon ("Life with Father" & "Twice Blessed")

The movie is embedded below, or watch it HERE on YouTube.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sew For Victory! / Spring For Cotton

I was inspired by the 1940′s Themed Sew Alongs over at LuckyLucille!  

  I found out about the Sew for Victory Sew Along back in 2013 over at Bramblewood Fashion~  I was unable to fully participate at the time, but I joined the Flicker group, spent an hour-hour & a half searching the web for photos and pictures of old patterns- and I got lots of good ideas...then I went to my boxes of sewing patterns, and pulled out anything that would do as it was, and the things that could be altered...then I compared them to all the similar photos that I had found online, chose the old photo, and the new pattern.
(all remembering that I already own the perfect fabric- a poly-cotton sheet that I picked up at the outlet mall a few years back...I just don't remember what outfit I was planning to use it for at the time!)

In 2014, I was really happy to see that Sew for Victory was happening again  =) and I made all kinds of sketches- trying to decided how the dress would really look. I even got the bodice all sewn up!  But you know what happened? I ran out of time AND got stumped on the skirt! =(

Enter 2015:  I was really eager to really finish the dress, and participate in my very first Sew Along--I went over to LuckyLucille, only to find out that it was the second to last day of Rochelle's new Sew Along "Spring For Cotton". That means that my poly-cotton sheet dress wouldn't count anyway...sigh!   But I decided that I would finish that dress Sew Along or no Sew Along- whether the dress fits or not (it does not).  And I'd also call it one of my Summer of No Pants* projects. =)

This was the inspiration (thanks BF):

And this is the pattern and fabric I used:

The finished dress looks really good on Dolly Beeman:
(Oh, and for the first time ever, I tried Mrs. Kluth's gathering trick of simply zig-zagging over dental floss- worked nice!)

*SONP is not officially happening this year, but I like to sew, and wear cute dresses & skirts anyway, so I'll just do my own thing....(Summer of No Pants is a Google+ group, and anyone can join & post at anytime.)

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mother's Day Lunch

Today was our third annual "Tuesday-before-Mother's Day" ladies lunch at Luigi's.   Except that we had to move it to the Thursday before Mother's Day, because the Hunters were busy on Tuesday. =)

(This lunch is not a Mother/Daughter lunch....any Mothers and any Daughters were invited to come!)

  Some of the gang from lunch today (there were 12 of us total) 
 (thanks Sarah Hale for taking the photo for us!)