Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy 29th Anniversary... one happy couple!
I love you guys, and I pray that you have at least 35 more years to go!
(You know, that dress was 50 years old this September!)
I Love You
(Climax Blues Band)

The Wedding Band - "She Said Yes" (Mumford & Sons)
What's your song? I don't know...
but I'll sprinkle some in, in between the photos.

Anniversary Apple Pie
(I was a bad girl, and I helped eat it...but it was so good...)
The Ames Brothers- "You, You, You"
Orleans - "Still The One"

(my view of the happy couple...)
Sorry that the photo quality is so bad,
I did not take the time to scan the photos in. =(


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to Pleas and Debbie!!!! Very cute blog Adrienne
love from the Davis's

McKee Family said...

Thank you sweetie! If only someone had told us to take off those GLASSES!!!

McKee Family said...

My sweet daughter thinks of everything! Thank you dear love, dad