Saturday, October 01, 2011

A letter...

Dear Friends,
I hope that you are well, we are.

The weather has been very fine this week, although on Monday it was 100 degrees-> record breaking for us, at this time of year!

Dad bought Mom one of those lovely dehydrators this summer, but we had given up the idea of drying any pears this year, ours are too small- I thought that it would be too dangerous to try it. But my Aunt announced that she had some lovely round ones that we were welcome to have, if we came and picked them. So we did...but they were not much better than ours. Sigh.

But then something happy happened: our neighbor across the street brought over a big fat grocery sack of pears, that were even bigger and better than my Aunt's! =)
Happy day! I (with Mom's help), got them into the dehydrator that night, they came out only filling one quart jar, but we were told that we could come back for more! =)

It is really nice having nice neighbors. (Sometimes I think that they are too nice for us!)

Would you like some more happy news?!? At the beginning of summer, I bought 3 little yellow squash plants, that never did well, and one by one, they have died. Well, I should say all but one! Dad dug it up and added stuff to the soil, and the plant did better, but it remained pathetic looking, and never produced. But today I looked at it and there are 2 very little squashes on it!!!

I wish that I had the camera with me this evening- I picked pretty little yellow squash and pretty hot red peppers, and carried them in in the skirt of my retro blue with white daisy's apron. (reproduction flour sack fabric)

Last night, M, D and I went to the movies for the opening night of 'Courageous' (click here), from the makers of 'Facing the Giants' and 'Fireproof'. It was a packed house (almost full), and we were on the 2nd row.
It was really good movie- I alternately howled with laughter & slapping my legs...and crying & holding my parents hands. You should go see it if you get the chance. FYI: I found it to be a little stressful.

One last thing- I can't hardly wrap my mind around this: I have 2 Aunts getting married in less than 12 months!! Is that normal? One just married this summer, and the other will be tying the knot on New Year's day! =) (Yes, I'm sure that I'll post about it!)

Goodnight Dear Void,

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the success with the pears!! I know your mom is hoping to get to use that new dehydrator soon. We have lots of pears too, but they are on the small side. I am off facebook now, but will check in with you here often.
Mrs. Davis