Monday, June 13, 2011


We (Mom & I) went to my Aunt’s 3rd wedding. I was 8, I was the flower girl at her 2nd wedding. That was something….
This was a really nice, small, out-of-doors semi-casual wedding.

My Aunt & new Uncle wrote their vows- they were great. My cousins and new cousins were their attendants. (a total of 4)
Costco Lunch Reception: Sandwiches, fruit, veggies, snacks, cake & Champagne. Lunch was a lot of fun- a table full of my grandparents, Mom & me, an Uncle & his girl friend, and 2 great aunts! =)

Not so good things:
I got a little sun-burnt and someone got their foundation/makeup on my brand new white blouse. =( I do hope that we can get it off!

Wonderful things:
No one asked me about: my marital state, my lack of boy friend, my education, what I’ve been doing with myself, why I did not have a job, or any of those other irritating & awkward things! =)
(sigh of relief!)

Mom and I ran some errands on the way back to P & G’s house, and I bought 2 pairs of sort of cute footies at Target, and they had a bunch of LONG sleeved T-shirts on clearance so I got 2. I will have warm wrists! =)

Then P & G took us out for dinner, and we stopped at a few stores, one of which was Jo-Ann, because I needed some zippers…and do you know what they have?! Cute footies- a 2 pack: one with sparkly cherries and the other had sparkly strawberries. I kind of wish that I had got them. Oh, well.

Grandma asked on the way home form shopping & dinner, why I did not try to catch the bouquet. I told her that I have only participated in that game 2 times in my life, and because I am so much older than MOST of the other girls, it makes me feel despite, and I am not much into sports so afterwards I get teased for “not trying hard enough”….So Papa told me that Dad told him that he(dad) was going to find just the right guy for me. =) I already knew that, but still it was nice to hear again.

~Goodnight dear void…

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