Monday, June 13, 2011

The Summer Of No Pants #2 now done! This is a "muslin" trial/house dress, and all in all, I really like lots of things about it, and would probably try to make another.
Pattern: The bodice was Simplicity #8071 and the skirt is the same as dress #1, with a little more ease.
Fabric:I made it out of some thrifted fabric I got from a friend. (It was very long and thin, so I had to cut the skirt in 4 sections.) And the fabric was some kind of poly/cotton, so all of the seams went goofy...

...and halfway through I tried it on and it was utterly ridiculous, so I took the bodice off, and added a waist band: MUCH better! =)
I have broader shoulders, so I always add about 1 inch to each shoulder back. Usually I make the extra fabric into a little pleat, but this time I gathered/eased it across the whole thing. And instead of easing the sleeve in like "normal", I kept all the ease at the top, to give it a slightly puffed look.
I put the zipper in the side seam.
I really want to learn how to put in invisible zippers (or just use buttons instead of zippers), because every zipper I put in is worse than the last. Sigh...maybe because each subsequent time I am more, and more apprehensive about it.
I like how the bodice turned out, and if I make this dress as a nice dress, I would like to drop the waist a little and have no gathers in the skirt, and wear a belt with it. (like a shirt dress) And if I made another house dress, I would keep the higher waist with no belt.

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