Friday, May 13, 2011

The Summer Of No Pants #1

I already wear skirts & dresses about 98% of the time, but I can always use another! =)
While I have been sewing (clothes & crafts) for 16 - 20 years now, I am NOT advanced!
We just watched Julie and Julia for the second time, and I thought "I need some kind of challenge!", not that we aren't busy enough as it is, and I found & followed a link/button for SONP over at Marie-Madeline Studio!
I told my Mom that this was perfect timing for me. So my challenge is to make something interesting~ I don't know what may be just pulling apart old things, and making them new again!

The first dress that I sewed:
The "third time's the charm"! =)
...let's see...first quite a few years ago I made a dumb jumper. (I don't know why it did not turn out.) So a few years ago I turned it into a goofy house dress. And now I have turned it into a nice house/garden/maybe run-to-town-dress.

It has front and back darts, a back zipper, the skirt lands just below the knee, and we were able to fit it enough that it does not gape, and yet is not too tight! =)
(Thank you Mom, for your help!)

This is my second dress like this- the first one I made just like the pattern said. This is a fast & pretty easy dress to make. (I used Simplicity #9559 for the bodice, but for the skirt, I just copied one of my other skirts.)

(7-14-11 Well, I have gained 10# and now the dress does not fit very well at all...)

The second dress is done:

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Amy Coray said...

Very cute Adrienne!