Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why do I write?

Have you ever seen "You've Got Mail"? In it Kathleen Kelly has an anonymous pen-pal, and she pours out her feelings, frustrations, and silly stuff in those letters, and one time she ended with: "...all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings - so thanks."* and another time she says that she did not want answers she was just sending the question out into a cosmic void, and ended with: "Good night dear void."*
(Please don't jump to conclusions, I do not have and do not want an anonymous pen-pal.)

When I was young, my parents had We Three write in our journals- but they told us to never write anything that we did not want them to see, or someone to get a hold of (I do think that that is a pretty good idea). That scared me into pretty much merely chronicling events and never really wrote down my thoughts and feelings.
And Mom would say "to be careful what we told people" and to not "air our dirty laundry". (...but what does that mean?....who would want to do that?!?)

So I would try, (and continue to try) to not talk much, and just listen to other people. =)
(That's nice if the others are talkers, but when I get home I talk Mom's ears off!) And it's nice to learn about other people, and families.

But now I have a problem- my dog died back in January. We had him for almost 12 years- half my life. And I would talk to him- tell him everything. (He was my best friend, he stayed when others left. I am so thankful that I was able to have him during the hardest times!) (click here to see his blog) It is nice to talk to someone who cares about you- I still have my cat, but he does not want to listen to anyone speak on any subject, unless you are telling him what a great cat he is. (he's definitely a man- he prefers snuggling)

So that's why I have been writing on this "blog'o mine", because I feel like I have been losing all my friends along the path of life. (Is that normal?) And I feel like because of Ron Paul I lost almost all the rest. (Why do politics & religion divide? I don't think that they have to.) But because of Ron Paul I got more friends than I had before- the only problem is they are spread out all over the state & nation. And while I seem to have somehow lost my real brothers along the way, I do have new brothers- brothers in liberty! (And Sisters in liberty too.)

*Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail

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