Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back When We Were Grownups

Just a few ramblings I thought up while we were out today....

I like the movie Back When We Were Grownups.

I like to watch it when I am feeling like I am in a rut, or what I do makes no difference. And I am reminded that it really does matter, whether or not anyone can really SEE that it does, or are grateful or thankful for what you do. (side note: I know that I am appreciated by my family!)

So smile, and say to yourself something like this: "I am touching many lives, and I don't even know it!"

Everything I do or say (or don't do or say) makes an impact on people. (sometimes a BIG impact)

In case you had not noticed, people watch people- we seem to find it fascinating.

How do we act or re-act in a grocery store? Or a home improvement center? At the laundry mat or dry cleaners? What about the fair grounds or mall?

I think that Politicians and Christians & church-goers are possibly the most scrutinized. And I think that they should be.

What standards do people have? Do they have "Holier-than-thou"attitudes?
Do they say one thing and then do another?

And last but certainly not least:

Do they profess to be Christians, but only act like one (hypocrite) when they are actually in the church building, or when the pastor is watching?

Do they shame the name of Christ when they enter the political world? (I do not believe that a true Christian (Follower of Christ) can check religion at the door so to speak.)

(I am preaching this to myself, but if you can use it in your life then go ahead!)


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McKee Family said...

It's a good one to watch when you need to cry or laugh! I think we first watched it back when we were grieving the loss of Benjamin. Boy, was that hard!

I tried to read the book, couldn't get past the first few pages. Some stories are definitely better as movies.