Sunday, November 02, 2014

Grandma "Pete"

Grandma passed over the river....I'm so sad that she is gone and will miss her so, and  I am sad for her family.  But for her sake, I am glad that her pain is over. All her grief, heavy burdens and pain are gone.  For those things I am happy...but maybe happy is not the right word, maybe I should say relieved....

Please forgive me if I don't shed a lot of tears- I don't yet know if I will or not, I don't want you to think I'm callused or hardhearted but you see I have been doing a lot of grieving over the idea of Grandma's passing for years now (you can ask my Mom- like every couple of months if not more often....).

I have known Grandma "Pete" for a long, long time- most of my life something like 23 years, she has been my other Grandma- my local Grandma.  The one who cheered me on, the one who thought that I was just fine the way I was, and who I knew loved me unconditionally.

We also had a mutual LOVE for Myrna Loy, Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore. =)

I first met Grandma Pete at Hannah Hale's 2nd Birthday party- I was a shy 6 year old, but I loved her. You want to know why?  Because my friends loved her, and because she brought a package of those Picture "15 puzzles"- there was one extra, and Grandma gave it to me (that was the only one I ever owned)!  Why did my brothers and I call her Grandma Pete?  She went with Grandpa Pete!  We don't know who started it, but that's what we called them - Grandma and Grandpa Pete. 

The last time Grandma called me by name was while she was in the hospital this last late Winter/early Spring...I miss that- she had an interesting way of pronouncing "Adrienne" that no one else had.  Another thing that makes me sad is that she won't see me married & she'll never get to meet my children.

I don't remember now, but either Tuesday or Wednesday last week despite how not "with it" Grandma was (and has been), she thanked me for coming and taking care of her...that was special, because she had not done so in a long while.

I want to thank the Hale Family for letting me be a part of Grandma's life- for sharing her with me...I loved her so.  And she loved me...she told me more than once!  =)

"Good bye, Grandma...I love you and I'll see you "next week"."

 Her obituary can be found here:



sharon hunter said...

Wonderful post.
You are a sweet, precious woman, and I pray God grants you the desires of your heart soon.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it that Grandma was making a special effort to say thank you of late. *more tears*
~Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing Adrienne. Praying for all who loved her.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words to go with her passing. I'm so glad she was aware enough to express her thanks last week--what a beautiful gift to you. May she go with God.
~Jodi P.