Tuesday, March 22, 2016

DIY Party Favors for a Coffee Party

"Doughnut" sugar cooky party favors, for Rachel Schatte's 30th Birthday Party!!!  (The theme was "Coffee".)

I got the little "party favor" baggies at Dollar Tree (40 for $1?),  Mom printed the "Thanks a Latte" stickers,  I bought the instant coffee and True Lemon stevia sweetened "Raspberry Lemonade" (here) packets on Amazon!   3"-4" of packing tape on the back sealed things up nicely!  =)

Don't look now, the cooky monster is smiling at you...

Sure, these favors took some time to bake/make, but they were so much fun!!!  =)

(Maybe I'm the Cooky Monster....I ate more than I should have...sigh...oh, well!)

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Art and Sand said...

Thanks for sharing these adorable treats with SYC.

stevenjared0853 said...

Loved these ideas for DIY Party Favors for a Coffee Party. Thanks for this share. I will attend a birthday coffee party at one of garden venues in Atlanta and going to suggest these favor ideas to my friend who is hosting the party. Thanks for inspirations!