Saturday, September 03, 2016

Food on Friday: Home Grown

French Toast Sandwich with bacon, egg and spinach with a salmon patty on the side!

After some Zzzz, we headed into Atlanta for a HUGE breakfast... at Home Grown  cafe in Atlanta, Georgia!  Home Grown is a hipster diner.  =)  If you are in the area, you should try it.
They even have a community garden that they raise their own veggies in!

Chorizo enchiladas topped with cheese and eggs!

Cheese grits topped with chili and egg!

The front door had large eggs on it  =)
(Oh, and in the back of the restaurant, was a little thrift store)



Anonymous said...

That looks so good! Dad

McKee Family said...

The clientele was varied, but LOTS of youngish men frequent this place. =) Some guys were interested in seeing Adrienne's Happy Camper T-shirt.

No, none of us could eat all the food served!