Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Whatever Wednesday: My SFL t-shirts made new

I liked my SFL shirt, except that the neck opening was just too small & choking...and the waist was too baggy...and the length of the shirt was too long. 
I actually had two of these regular "men's cut" short sleeve SFL shirts (not matching, from 2 years in a row), but I really needed to add one long sleeve shirt to my wardrobe... SO, read on to find out what I did!  =)  (It was easy, you can fix up your t-shirts too!)

(I forgot to take a before photo, but you know what a t-shirt looks like!)

...I carefully cut the arms out of shirt 'b' and lined up the bottom hem....

...borrowed a long-sleeve knit sweater/shirt pattern,
 lined it up at the bottom (so I would not need to hem) & on the print, and cut them out...

...sewed the sleeve seam (with the zig-zag stitch),
 and then carefully tucked the top edge into the original short sleeve, 
zig-zaging between the original lines of stitching on the sleeve hem.

 See how it looks now?  (I really like it, and have gotten lots of complements on it & in it.)
Oh, and I cut the neck band out and nipped in the sides a little.

 Trimmed the original hem off & trashed it, then trimmed another 1 & 1/2" off the hem, which I then sewed back on (zig-zag again)...after washing, it ended up being a double curl!  =)

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Unknown said...

What a nice hack. Look great.