Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Whittle's Fabrics online shop

I just found Whittle's Fabrics online shop-- they have very good prices (great shipping, too), and it would be lots of fun to visit their shop some day.  

1) It doesn't get much better than Flat Rate Shipping!!! =)
2) I could hardly wait for my order to arrive, the shipping was super fast, and the package came before I thought it would!
3) AND I am very happy to report that the Fabric Colors & Web Photo Colors matched (Or at least were so close I could not tell!  If you ever bought fabric online, you KNOW that this can be a big problem- so many photos on the web are NOT true colors!)
4) Costumer Service was great- I had a little trouble checking out, their web site did not empty the cart after I placed my order, so I did not know it went through, (So I placed it 2 more times before I realized that it WAS being placed), but I contacted Whittle's right away, and they fixed the problem quickly.

1) They don't tell you (even approximately) on the web page how many yards of a given fabric are available.  (But I guess that one could call and ask, if they weren't placing an order at midnight!)
2) The web site did not empty the cart after I placed my order (it may have been that someone else was trying to place an order at the same time- some "little" web stores can't handle that very well).

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