Saturday, January 06, 2018

Mrs. Bee

 Suzi Beeman 
June 28, 1945 - January 2, 2018
 "And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest." Psalm 55:6

Mrs. Beeman was my Mom's best friend, and my second mother/grandma person.  We first met her November 2001, and have been through everything together ever since. 

We laughed together.
We planned stuff together. 
We prayed for and with each other.
We cried together.
We encouraged each other.
We partied together. 
We rescued each other.
We shopped together.
We cheered each other when life got dark.
 We LOVED Ron Paul together.
We made memories together. 
We were neighbors. 
I helped with her garden.
We doctored her.  
Mrs. Bee encouraged us.
We helped her throw wedding receptions and parties.
 She loved my Sophie the Giraffe photos, and wanted me to make a book.
I helped her decorate.
We watched her animals.
Mrs. Bee Encouraged us.
We loved Valentine's Day, and all the fun.
I got to introduce her to "Signed, Sealed & Delivered" and "How to Fall in Love".
We watered her plants and gardens.  
 We wanted Fair (GOP) Conventions.
 Another shared love: Hallmark Movies!
Did I say that she ENCOURAGED us???
She was a Sister in Christ.

I know that it is selfish of me, but I DID NOT want her to die before my guy came around, before she got to come to my wedding, before she met my children.  Of all the "older" people in my life that I have wanted over the years, to present my guy and babies to-  she was the last one living, and it is grievous me to think that it will not happen.   I know that God knows best, but sometimes I feel like He just keeps on asking me, well- telling me to give things up.  I can't imagine a life without dear Mrs. Bee.

Goodbye, dear Mrs. Bee~ I'm glad that God lent you to us for a little while, and I'm thankful you are pain-free now.  I will miss you, but I know I'll see you on the other side! 💟


Anonymous said...

Adrienne, I am so sorry for the pain and sense of loss you and your family are going through. It is so hard when you lose someone that is so dear to you. In times like these we can find our only comfort in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knowing that she being a woman of God is present with him this very day. And knowing one day you too will get to see her again being a great woman of Faith yourself. I will be praying for you and your family may God bless you always.
-G.L. Crouch-

Anonymous said...

It's not selfish to feel that way, dear. I am sorry for your loss. Of course you know she can see your guy and your future children still.........

Jennifer Garrett

Anonymous said...

Precious dear girl, I know you believe we have a Forever God.

If they can't look down and see us (I tend to think they can), then at least, as we walk through life, we will one day find ourselves walking right into the REAL PLACE called Heaven.

According to Scripture, I do feel we should talk with God, not with the deceased.

But sooner than we like to think, we will have a glad reunion day !

I'm not Mrs Bee, but you and your mom are welcome to come to see me, and we can have some beautiful times together.

(I need tons of help, too.)

Mrs Bee was also my best friend, and I have the idea that she made many others feel at home with her.

She had so many friends here on earth ! She's probably already met many more in Heaven !

It's ok to grieve, and it's even beneficial. As I'm typing, I'm feeling teary-eyed, and I miss her. You spent much more time with her than I did, it sounds like, so the grief will be greater.

I've read that it comes in waves.
The waves get further apart. The waves become smaller, but they never go away completely.

Maybe it's God's way of keeping us needing Him. Maybe it's to keep us remembering her, so we can learn things from our relationship.

Maybe it's so we will seek God, asking Him to lift the pain...since it's too heavy for us to bear.

The Lord has brought about great success in ny life when I've asked Him to help me feel be better, or to take the pain away.

He seems to delight in doing that. You have to watch for it.
It doesn't always come right when we ask. Sometimes it happens a bit later. Watch for it, though. It can surprise us when we were just moving on in what God wanted to be done.
Love from Mrs Gallagher