Saturday, November 03, 2018

First Pecan Pie of the season!

Lovely weather today~ we went and picked 49lb of pecans at the Alford Family Farm in Emory!
We cracked almost enough for the pie- 7oz (1&3/4 cups) good pecans, 9oz trash/shells/very few bad pecans...not bad!  =)   The picking was easy too!

After a bit of thought, I realize that this was my very first time ever to bake a pecan pie.
(I made pecan tarts last year (recipe here), but this is my first actual pie!)

2 cups FRESH pecans lightly toasted @ 375, broken
5 Tablespoons BROWNED organic butter
3 large organic eggs (from our chickens) 
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup organic sugar
225 ml (between 3/4 &1 cup) organic maple syrup
Bake 35-45 until "firm on edge, center set but quivery like jello when pan is nudged".

Thoughts: Should not have toasted the nuts*. It was too sweet.  But the maple flavor was good!

(Really brown butter----smelled SO good!)

~Mom's homemade pie crust recipe here~

*Grandma would say, toast the nuts going in the goo, and put raw nuts on top.

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