Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine ideas

A Few Facts on Valentine Gift-Giving

Did you know that to give a thoughtful gift, you need not spend a lot?

First you'll need to answer a few questions:

1)  Who is the gift for? 
2)   How well do you know them?
3)  What makes them smile?
4)  What do they like?

Did you know that if you put some thought into a gift, it will be remembered for a long time? (and hopefully fondly)  Below I have listed a few ideas, but there are many more- coffee, ice cream, name it.  
(I have even found vintage Valentine's for MILK!)
You will find more Punny Food ideas HERE!  If you are looking for more vintage Valentine's just do an internet search "vintage pun valentines" or "vintage valentines"....  =)

 Nuts anyone???  One year my brothers bought me a can of Cashews for a Valentine--- what a nice treat! (For modern nut valentine ideas visit HERE!) you know what kind she/he likes?  While some people want ANY chocolate, some of us are more particular...or actually allergic to the fillings/flavorings, colors or sugar free sweeteners.

Dark, Milk, Candy Coated, with or without Nuts?  Organic, Fair Trade, Practical (think chips), FUN (think "Pound Plus" bars from Trader Joe's), Sugar or Sugar-Free?  American, European, Filling/Flavors or NO filling/Flavors?
Hint: Did you know the best Milk Chocolate is from Europe, NOT America.  Aldi & Trader Joe's are the best.

A Juicy Valentine?  I don't know about you, but I think that I the Grapefruit Juice & Pineapple Juice found in the REFRIGERATOR section makes a LOVELY gift, no matter the occasion! (Aldi has some VERY nice Pineapple juice right now.

 Balloons are ALWAYS wonderful-- no matter the occasion....or maybe that's just me...hmmm...
(Dollar Tree is a very good place to get one. Or more...they are only $1!)

And last of all, I just HAD to share these rather Funny Valentine's with you!  I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe it helped you???  =)

(If you are looking for more vintage Valentine's just do an internet search "vintage pun valentines" or "vintage valentines"....)

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