Friday, August 30, 2019

The Summer Of No Pants 2019 (post 1)

~How about silly pictures this time???  =)
~Cotton  print- they whole time I was thinking "This print would be lovely in rayon!" 
~The fabric is the last piece that Mom bought me at Hancock's before they closed their doors.  We intended to use a new pattern: a vintage, square-necked dress...but that's not what ended up happening.  (we bought it the day Hannah, Mom & I went dress shopping for Sarah's wedding)
~I used my go-to pattern, the retired Simplicity #8071
~Because brother Benjamin fusses that my dresses tend to have ties, this one has a loose belt.  I'm not sure if I like it...ties are just SO practical, so forgiving: you can gain or lose a few pounds with no fit problems...if the dress has a belt or waist...welll...not so forgiving. =/    We will have to wait and see.
~The zipper is a invisible zipper, set in the back. 

*SONP not is officially happening this year, but I like to sew, and wear cute dresses & skirts anyway, so I'll just do my own thing....(Summer of No Pants did have a Google+ group, but it has been sad!)
To learn more about SONP, please visit  
and put  Summer Of No Pants in the search'll be fun!  =)

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