Saturday, November 02, 2019

Fall 2019 Dress 1 of 2

The Best part about this dress, is that I was finally able to use these buttons!  Back in the old days, Greenville had 2 craft stores: "Crafts, etc" and "Old America" AND Walmart had a good fabric & craft department.  We favored "Crafts, etc", and one day Benjamin had a wad of money to blow, and he bought something very practical: a LARGE tub of buttons.
 I don't know if you remember this, but in the "old days" a tub of buttons was scraped up at the factory- not like today's pretty little planned out tubs.  A lot were pretty awful, and most did not match.  After years of sewing for teddy bears, and stepping on them, and vacuuming them, I eventually inherited what was left...not many, and never used many....BUT there were 4 of these 5/8" plastic bronze colored babies.  I just used them.  =)   So, thanks Benjamin, for the buttons. And the Memories...

~Pattern: Vintage (late 1990's) Butterick 6760. It came from another friend...she bought it at Hancock's...before they closed down. If you sew this pattern, beware of the typo: DO NOT sew the side seams before you sew the sleeves on!!! (look over the pattern instructions- you will see what I mean.
~I chose view B, but panicked and lengthened it 6". I figure I'll try it longer and I can always shorten it later!
~Eliminated the back vent, and it is plenty full- I can hop a fence no problem.
~Next time, I'll sew the size down...I feel this is on the big side, lol! (I may have to add elastic to the back, or ties...we'll see...
~I gave the sleeves the smallest hem possible, so as to have the longest sleeves possible, they are perfect.
~The fabric is a soft and fine green corduroy, given to me by some friend...I knew last Fall, but I can't remember now! I'm sure it came from the Jones, or Teague/Gann.  Thank you, Friend!
~ I learned a valuable lesson one should look at free fabric so you can place the pattern pieces AROUND and not on aged/stained spots...I could have avoided the odd patch, but did not look for it, so did not see it, so now it is on the front of my new dress....that is now a house-dress, not a "cute with leggings go to town dress".  Live and learn!

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