Saturday, November 23, 2019

New Blanket for Me...

....made with "ME" fabric, lol!

My Aunt Bess made me a "Teddy Bear blanket" when I was a baby-- during my first years I did not use it, Mom stapled it to the wall above my bed...when I was tall enough I'd stand on my bed and lean my little head on it.  The blanket came down, and was my FAVORITE- just the right size to wear as a shawl, or cover chilly legs, wrap a stuffed friend in it...cold on a car trip? no problem!

Well...the blanket wore out years ago...I meant to make a new one years ago, never could decide what to make it out of.  I got this Mary Engelbreit fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and the red was given to me by Sarah Helm. In place of batting, I used 2 layers of flannel.

(in my dream world, I'm friends with Mary, she is nice, and I  get to visit her regularly- she's like an Aunt) 

“Friends are the family you choose.”  -Jess C. Scott

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