Friday, December 27, 2019

Red Valentine Mug Rugs #2

I made 1 of Jacquelynne's larger Valentine Mug Rug/mini quilts as a New Year gift for a friend (find HER blog & free pattern HERE) 

 The fun thing about using 2 rows of blocks, is that after you sew them into blocks of 4, you can rotate them to have a better variety/look...if you remember! =)

 I'd never bound odd edges before, and was grateful for her tutorial: Binding Odd Angles Tutorial (HERE)  NOTE: I learned I truly do prefer to machine sew my binding on the backside, and hand sew it on the front, instead of the other way around, BECAUSE: you aren't blind, and can make the top fit together and look nice, and you can't do that if you machine sew to the front.

Next time: Sew the binding on the back, so that the front is neater!


And I made a fun scrappy smaller Mug Rug: 

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