Monday, April 06, 2020

Chicken & Corn Waffles (recipe too) 

Cornbread v. Corn Chips.  Why not have Crunchy Corn Waffles???  These babies were just begging for a bowl of chili or soup!

Crunchy Cornmeal Waffles Recipe by King Arthur Flour  (HERE!)

Changes I made:

~ oil instead of butter

~2/3-1/3 parts Yogurt to Milk in place of the Buttermilk

~Organic Blue Corn Masa flour from 

~And I did not use the spices the recipe called for, because the chicken was quite flavorful, so I was afraid the meal would have too many flavors going on, and/or clash with each other!

NOTE....these Belgian Waffles cook 6 or more minutes- until no more steam comes off.

One other thought: Leftovers weren't so great- too dry. We popped them into the toaster, but still not so good.  I think that next time I'd try to not have leftovers, OR I'd toast the leftovers and break them up for a cold breakfast cereal!  =)


 Happy Eating!

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