Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Orange Gummy candy: AKA "Turkish Delights" (recipe, too)

I tried making Orange Gummy candy for the first time yesterday...I used the Ideal Candy cookbook...I know they are not perfect, and I would want to tweak the recipe if I made it again. 
I really like the ease of this recipe, and the ingredients: no corn or coloring!  

P.S. per Jonathan's suggestion, I did VERY carefully cover a few of these candies in Aldi dark chocolate, and then tossed them in the freezer to speed up the firming, and stop the gelatin melting...and forgot them. They froze. But, the chew of the frozen candy was nice!  Yes, chocolate covered was quite nice, thanks for the suggestion, Jonathan!

 CHANGES we made: Mom suggested I add 1/2 tea. Orange Flavoring- I'm glad I did! Also, instead of buttering a pan, we sprayed coconut oil on wax paper lined pan. And we cooled it in the fridge.  A healthy quantity of powdered sugar on top  and then a pile underneath made cutting a breeze.

 WISHED I had: Used OJ concentrate instead of just juice- I think that the flavor would have been better. And I would use 1 tea. OF next time!

And I laughed all while I cut the was pretty funny! 

 As I was making them, I kept thinking 1) Jonathan B should be here, I can't believe I'm doing this without him- he would think this was fun! and 2) I can see myself trying to make my own gummy snake someday!

~Happy eating!

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J.B. said...

It would have been fun~
Thanks for sharing some with me- I like it. It's not like any other candy I've had
I bet it would be good covered in chocolate.