Friday, May 22, 2020

Food on Friday: Nut Brittle (Recipe, too!)

 I LOVE the look of boiling sugar~ delicate and promising!
This recipe came from Deb over at SmittenKitchen, go get it: HERE!

Changes made:   Brown Sugar,  and 3/4 cup EACH chopped almonds, broken pecans and cashews. (that was too many) No pretzels, because we did not have any.  Mom ground Celtic Salt over the chocolate before we popped it in the freezer.
Note: Deb's right: have all your ducks in a row before, because it goes quickly.
Our thermometer is not accurate, and on our stove it took almost 20 minutes of cooking, and testing by dropping bits into the cold water to get to the proper stage.

Our home is too humid right now, we have to store this candy in the freezer.   =)

Hmmm, Well....mine did not turn out quite right, we could not "stretch" it, so we just patted it out.
Aldi Dark chips...we had to pop the pan under the broiler to make the chips melt!


 Happy Eating!

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