Thursday, July 02, 2020

I'm sharing from David Lebovitz: Cucumber Mint Cooler

For possibly the first time ever a blog post arrived in our in-box, we made the recipe, and I'm sharing it here with you, all on the very same day~ Thank you David Lebovitz! Get the Cucumber Mint Cooler Story& Recipe HERE!

What we did, used, thought about the Cucumber Mint Cooler:

Cucumber: 10 oz (3 homegrown organic Munchers)*

Fresh Mint Leaves: Chocolate Mint

Sugar: Costco Organic Sugar

Limes: Zest from 1 med Organic Orange from Azure & 2 ½ oz Organic Lime Juice (home-squeezed) Because: we had no limes- only fresh oranges and previously squeezed lime juice in the freezer.

Pinch of salt: I used the 'pinch' spoon- yes, I really did! =)

Serving- we tried 2 ways (we forgot the ice):

  1. 3 oz each “base” & water- good, but a bit harsh.

  2. 3 oz each “base” & water, and 1 oz Tequila- it was better, the alcohol smoothed it a bit.

Note: Quite minty- it's rather like drinking a roll of Mentos, lol!

*We liked the citrus/mint/sugar balance, but felt it could use more cucumber- another time, we'd add a 4th or 5th =)

Another note: We think that it would be better as a dinner-party-drink...(with or without alcohol, depending on the guest list) possibly even turned into a FROZEN DRINK, served in smaller servings, and maybe up the alcohol ratio.


 Happy Eating!

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