Friday, March 09, 2007

Shopping for Jedidiah & Rachel's Reception

Here we go on the greatest shopping expedition ever!(Jan.'07)
Let’s start with the paper goods…….

Remember that things always go better when you are having fun….=) … ..

Okay, how much cheese do we need? ……..

SAM’s is good at pre-lunch snacks…on to the brisket! ………

Do you think that we have enough stuff that they will let us out now?….=)

(The chips, hot cocoa & the OJ are ours!)

Hurray! Not too much damage, but the clerks could not get it back into 2 carts so we had 3.…..
This gentleman wanted to come to our party ….

Don’t worry dear, not all of this is ours…….

Okay ladies, apparently you did not steal any thing, and you behaved while you where here,
so have a nice day! ….

Some feat is taking place: Dad is not here to pack the car,
so I will have to….hmmm…..not enough coolers…..

All packed in, and on our way to Chipolte for lunch ! …=) .…

After we stopped at Super 1 foods & Save-a-lot, we went to the Hutchins to drop-off the brisket & “defrag”……..

Oh, happy day….when we came home…=)……

Mr. Beeman was happy that the damage was no worse…..

Dad brought in the chicken that we will be cooking day after tomorrow……..

And a long day was had by all !

Thank you Mrs. Beeman for letting us help you. =)
I got the idea for this entry from Kelly & Andrea !


Miss Andrea said...

Looks like fun! So, are we to understand that all these preparations are for an upcoming wedding??

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I just love Sams, you get to get so much "stuff"! But then, I have never wrote the check......
My favorite thing to do is, pack the cart as high as you can. Then, if no one is looking, you take a running start, jump on the cart and ride the iasles!
You ONLY do this if the cart is full, otherwise it rattels awfully and everyone knows just what you are doing. :)

RandJ said...

Thanks for all your hard work, everyone! The reception was a great success and everyone enjoyed the GREAT food you all bought and prepared!
Thanks for the fun pics, Adrienne.