Thursday, July 09, 2009

Goodbye dear old pillowcase…hello laundry bag!

Hello Anna! You have inspired me…..while I would have used the case at some point down the road- I used it NOW, and with no printed instructions!
…how do you like my bag?
Goodbye dear old pillowcase….

…..Hello lovely new travel laundry bag!

Gussets are sooo easy! Having your fabric tube inside out, fold the sides in an even amount, pin & sew, turn RSO & sew across the bottom to reinforce.

I used the “thank you bag” as a pattern,
and sewed the handles like you would jumper straps. After you finish the cut openings,
fold the handles in like the “thank you bag” and sew them together! =)

I did what only Adrienne would probably ever do -
I experimented with 2 different kinds of edge finishing on the same project.

And the gussets on the outside....

...And on the inside!

All tied up! This is NOT a “grocery” bag!!! =) Just wash and reuse!
~Have a nice day!~

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