Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Girl's Tea Party! 6 little girls, 1 middle girl, 3 big girls, and 2 old(er) girls- 12 in all. =)

A new Fire King pitcher should NOT break when you are making tea for a party,
and dump peppermint tea all over the counter and floor! =(
My poor pitcher!'s so sad....I was almost ill.... =(


First we colored pictures of a puppy (found here), then a round of "Memory".

We 3 big girls got the food all out while my Mom read "But No Elephants!" to the other girls,
and then they played a round of "Jr. Charades".

I made the Jell-O on Saturday while listening to "doo-wop" wearing my new red retro apron, using Grandma's
old measuring cup, making jell-o in my late Grandmama's OLD fashioned
"Jello" molds! (they have the word "JELL-O" stamped across the tops) It made me feel so-- nice, old fashioned, and productive! (smile)


Now we eat! (what we all came here for right?)

We had a lovely time!


Hillary Hipps said...

Oh Adrienne! You are so cute and adorable and the party looks like it was so much fun and I totally understand what you mean about feeling old fashioned and I LOVE it! It is so sweet how you use your time to bless other people with parties and such! ♥

Unknown said...

Thanks! Looks like everyone had fun!