Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Count your blessings... them one by one!"

~I have the most wonderful parents-
and they spoil me a little too much.

~I am not cold!

~My Dad is a willing worker!

~My Mom is a good cook! (I think that she rivals Julia Child)

~My cat likes me pretty well.

~My God is an awesome God!
~HIS daily Providences are more than I can imagine, and really,
better than I could dream to ask for.

~Running water and electricity.

~While I may not have a lot of close friends, I have a lot of friends! All over the state, and country even!
(I just wish that I could see my brothers & sisters in liberty more often.)

~I have plenty to eat.

~We own enough hobby supplies to last me a looong time!

~I have my own Bible, in my own language.

~We have fruit trees.

~I got 3 Valentines this year!

~My older brother is not on front the front lines.

~And my younger brother likes me again!

~I am dry. =)

~None of my family has anything really wrong with them or their health.

~Dad lets me help him in the yard & garden!

~Cars and gasoline.

~I can bake a good Apple Pie & a pretty good Chocolate Cake.

~God knows my every need, and the desires of my heart. HE will care for me!

~My Mom is my best friend.

~We have good neighbors!

~I don't need to worry, or fear. HE is in control.

~We have a dishwasher! (I think that I like it by now...)

~I am reformed. Not just in doctrine, but life and politics as well.
(it really makes a huge difference in your outlook on life & the world)

~I have plenty of clothing and shoes.

~It's almost my birthday again! =)
...and the Hutchins are coming to help us celebrate! =)

Blessed be the Lord, who Daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation.
Psalm 68:19

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