Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My friend's Gluten-Free Pizza

Stormy's Yummy GF Pizza!
Stormy says: "OK, here's how we put our GF Pizza's together. We used Hogsdon Mill Piizza Crust (http://www.hodgsonmill.com/roi/673/Gluten-Free-Products/Gluten-Free-Pizza-Crust-Mix-71518-02115.htm) which turned out really fabulous.

We also used Boboli pizza sauce.
The taste... was really good, but I wouldn't recommend it because we noticed it had High Fructose Cornsyrup in it.

My hubby only put cheese and pepperoni on his, but I also added olives, garlic, onilons, and sundried tomatoes from Kroger's olive bar.

I guess by using a crust mix, it's not considered totally homemade. I've made puddings completely homemade and they were stringy, so I'm too chicken to try anything else

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