Thursday, August 04, 2011

Orange & Pink...

Do you ever wonder why you all of a sudden notice a whole bunch of red cars,
when you didn't really see any last time you were in town???

Why was I seeing pink and orange (and ducks) today?!?
I really don't even care for orange...

(the best orange spray in the world)

(AVON toy from my G. Grandma, when I was nearing 2 yo)

(T-I-double GUH-ER!)


(paper target)

(random ducks)

(4 pinks that all live together on the same shelf)

(does Sally remember this?!?)

(dear old measuring cups...)

(odd long pipe in the back yard...)

(Garden dwellers...)

( never know when you need some of these...)

(The very best (IMHO) dish soap!)

(Have you had yours today?)

(Random duck)

(sorry lighting...this really is a nice pink towel...)

(Poky! Is that how you spell his name?)

(the new flash light)

(dear OLD scissors)

(Fun CD...)

(another random duck)

(Lovely face soap! Just don't use it if you are going to pick berries...the bugs will love you!)

(Attic Shoes)

(Last duck, I promise!)

(Pretty pink paint for my attic, only $10, and it is low VOC!
It was one of those lone miss-mixed cans!)

(new dress)

(Little Lady)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I the only who sees colors/things like this?

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