Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes I'm homesick, and clingy when I have not even been gone,
and I'm not even planning on going anywhere.
Why is that?

(I guess I'm a little big for sitting in Mom's lap,
but then I don't do it every day, not even every year...)

It makes me think of the book, Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch.
Although that was Benjamin's & Mom's special book.
(because it came out in 1986- the year before he was born)

I think that every one should own a copy.


McKee Family said...

Yes, we read that book a lot when you guys were little. I'm so thankful I took so much time to read to you guys (sometimes 1-2 hours per day!!). I wish we had photos of all of us piled up on my bed or the couch. Remember how you had to take turns sitting next to me? We had some grand times. :-)

EsGrace Schatte said...

I love that book!!! I found it at a thrift store recently, and put it in my hope chest :)

McKee Family said...

You have been sitting on my lap almost everyday lately! Or we've been snuggling on the couch. :-) I love you ducky!