Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slumber "Party"

We really did not party, we talked,
and then we watched an episode of "The Good Life"!

Goodnight Elizabeth!

This afternoon I was feeling inspired by all the blogs, so I made these party favors...
...double-walled chubby sacks, made from some scraps that I saved from the trash (thanks Elizabeth!), and a layer of felt in the middle. Folded the top to the inside, and sewed that down by hand (while watching "Skylark", with Glenn Close & Christopher Walken) Filled with 6-7 organic, fresh, home grown apples! (No, we did not grow them.)

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McKee Family said...

Looks like you managed pretty well all week and had lots of fun, too! Thank you again for holding down the fort and making it possible for us to take this "second honeymoon". We love you bunches!!!!