Saturday, October 08, 2011

When I meet new people...

...the kid in me always wants to know things like:

~How old are you? (are you my age, are you my Mom & Dad's age, etc...)

~Do you have siblings? (and if so, how many & how old are they?...etc...)

~Do you like to play games?

~Do we like some of the same movies?

~Where do you live?

~Where were you born? (are you a Texan?!?!)

~Do you like cats or dogs? (or pets at all)

And sometimes:
~What do you think of thrift shopping? Do you like to go? (I have the feeling that you would be a great person to go with...)

~Do you have/what is your Religious persuasion?

1 comment:

McKee Family said...

1. I'm your mom's age!
2. Two younger brothers.
3. Yes, all kinds!
4. We like a lot of the same movies! Just about every genre, if it's GOOD!
5. Across the landing!
6. California, but I got here as soon as I could! 1976
7. Some dogs, some cats. I'm very particular. Never liked any like my own.
8. We DO have grand fun thrift shopping!
9. Christian (Reformed Presbyterian is the closest doctrinally)

Love you!
Mom :-)