Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kelli came over... redeem the gift certificate I gave her for her birthday.
~One Night in the Sparest of Spare Rooms~

...we baked some Nan (sp?) and some Coconut Macaroons. ...and we did dishes!

And we watched Tangled & What The Deaf Man Heard. (...staying up entirely too late!)

Fergie loved Kelli very much~ sorry Kelli! I hope that you did not have any long-term side effects! =]

The pros:
It was well made, a cross between a cartoon and a play. VERY play like~that I loved very much! =)
I wish that I had seen it in the theater...that would have been a lot of fun!

The Cons:
I'll admit it, I was expecting a fairytale, so I was disappointed, I thought that is was pretty much like any other romantic comedy. I would not let my little kids watch it.

My favorite song: "Mother Knows Best" (click here), I thought that it was a sweet song.
"...Skip the drama,
Stay with mama..."
It made me think of something from the Broadway show Annie, or something like that...
My second & third are "The Kingdom Dance" and "I've got a Dream".

....and we talked and talked...and made hot tea... Thanks so much for coming over, Kelli!

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