Monday, November 07, 2011

Mrs. Schatte's party~

Hannah & I gave Mrs. Schatte an early Birthday party!
25 ladies were in attendance. =)
(We got the invitations free at

This was the way I wanted to hang the door decor...

...but this is how it ended up!

(organic) Yummy Earth Lollipop party favors:

Hannah prepared all the lovely food~

~good job Hannah!

Me & Hannah. Hannah & Me. Adrienne & Hannah. Hannah & I.
(how should I say it?)

(I look like I work at Target, lol!)

I wish that I had someone who would come to my parties,
and bring their fancy camera and take lots good of photos for me....
then maybe I could put them in the party book I will write someday.

I printed our own money holder cards! The outside:

And the insides:
(I cut a slit/pocket in the card and shoved the money in it)

The game was an old fashioned game, from some time between 1905 & 1935.
It was a "Berry Contest".

(Thank you Mom for letting us have the party at your house,
and for helping me get ready for it!)

The birthday "cake"!!! =)
(Even I could eat it!)

The table cloth was a piece of corduroy fabric, that was rib side down~
I like the way it turned out!

We hope that you have a
really good year, Mrs. Schatte!


Sarah R. said...

Awesome blog post, Adrienne. Loved looking at the photos. So fun! Good job on the party!!

McKee Family said...

Dearie, we had the party at OUR house, not MY house!!! Remember, this is YOUR house, too!

Love you,

Adrienne said...

Glad you liked it Sarah!
Mom~ I did not have to let us have the party...but you did! =)