Friday, December 02, 2011

Busy afternoon~

Have you ever made Scots Baps? This was my first try, they are supposed to be ovals.
Oh, well- at least I got my thumb print in each. (They SMELL SO GOOD!!!)
(my cookbook said that the Brits call them 'morning rolls'. So if the characters in the book you are reading are eating morning rolls, you now know what exactly they were eating!)

Look at the guy on the right~ he was not there when I put them in the oven,
but when I pulled the pan out...there he was smiling at me! =)

We bought this large winter squash from our friend, Rick Donaldson.
(He sells his home-grown organic produce at the Rockwall Farmers Market.)

I sliced it, and cut the peel off. (the pigs got that)

I then roasted some with oil, salt & pepper, at 4oo.

The rest of it I put in the dehydrator, some raw and some just oil roasted- just to see what we liked better. I imagine that either one would be good in a recipe, but the roasted would make a really tasty snack. ( you can't eat just one!)

And that brings us to dinner:
Rehoboth Ranch Smoked Pork Sausage (click here), Organic Costco Broccoli,
Rick's squash, and my Scots Baps!

This photo is proof that Aunt Bess ate some squash. And she said that she liked it!
(she's NOT a squash eater)

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McKee Family said...

It was pretty torturous!!! Oh well, I am looking to a greater reward than a piece of bread! :-)

Thanks for cooking dinner, honey!

I enjoyed the mixed garden fresh greens and chicken soup I concocted, even if it didn't smell or taste as good as the dinner you guys ate!

Love you!