Monday, February 27, 2012

A Party for me!

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(please forgive me the LONG post...I did not even use all the photo's that I took...if you click on a photo, you can view them in the larger, proper size)

Thank you sweet friends, for coming to my sewing bee party! =)
And thank you Mom, for hosting it, feeding us, cleaning up after~ and helping out here and there! =)

Place markers, for lunch...
...a little spool of thread, a big button, and a ribbon to hold it together!

I got this idea from the "Big Birthdays" book...I would not want to own the book, but it is nice to get from the library... (inter-library loan is really nice!) ....and of course I had little bags of party favors for everyone too!

~~~~~~~~~~~Rachel's project~~~~~~~~~~~~

I had started a dress for Rachel Blair's wedding, and it did not turn out right, so I took the bodice off and put a new one on, and added belt loops....but it was a bit too big... So Rachel helped take it up and she installed an invisible zipper! I have never had one in my homemade clothes before- this will be fun! =) I can't wait to wear it! (this fabric came from the Shetlers YEARS ago!)

Rachel also cut out another dress for me (like this one), that is just waiting for me to sew it up!
P.S. I sewed the new dress: see it here!
~~~~~~~~~~~~Katherine's project~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katherine ironed almost 11 yards of bias tape, that I had cut out & sewn earlier in the week, AND ironed up the edges of 3 new aprons, AND sewed the edges of 2 of the aforementioned aprons! (I sewed the binding/straps on.) I think that she did a very good job, especially for a "non-sewer")

This is the one that Katherine picked out for me to finish before she had to leave.

Left to right:
pink sparkly with cupcakes, birthday cakes and "Happy Birthday!"; the blue fruit is a birthday gift from Mom & Dad, and the last one is pink with cupcakes and cherries!
...What fun! I need more aprons like I need another hole in my head...I just can't help myself...
(All fabrics were bought at Jo Anns, with the exception of the red- that was from Hobby Lobby.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~Mom's project~~~~~~~~~~~
Lunch! We had butternut squash soup and green salad. Brittany made the salad dressing, and Elizabeth made the pumpkin bread. (Katherine cooked & canned the pumpkin for the bread...)
You can find the recipe that Mom started with HERE. among other tweakings, she omitted the caraway seeds & and used gala apples, a huge onion, extra bacon drippings, curry powder & cayenne.

Link~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elizabeth's project~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Elizabeth copied a shirt of mine, and made a paper pattern for me! AND she got out & used my (not so) new serger! It makes me feel like I too, could learn to use it. =)

Why was I grabbing for E's face like that?!?

I had to finish the hemming later after Elizabeth left, that's why she is not in the picture with me. =( (The fabric came from the Hutchins...scrap from one of Mrs. H's jumpers?)

~~~~~~~~~~~~Brittany's project~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brittany is cute even when she is fuzzy! =)

Do you remember this skirt? Elizabeth cut it out for me (I gave her some fabric & she made a skirt too), I made mine, but I could never get the waist right...I tried like 3 times...

Brittany was such a dear~ she added a yoke, and a zipper and it turned out really cute! (it was a retro metal zipper, that came (along with the fabric) from an estate sale (thanks Lisa!)....)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my project~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dad did a whole house remodel (and clean out) after the client's Mother had moved out, and he brought home an entire closet (or so- there was quite a lot), of petite little 3-5's and ever so many clothes from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's! A lot of it was just ruined, but I was able to keep some things, and we cut the buttons off everything else!

One thing I kept was this home-made green corduroy jumper, that was well fitted (but not for me!) just about my size, but I could never wear this color around my face! (I actually saved it to give to Elizabeth for pillows but never got around to it...) And while I was cleaning out the sewing room last month, I said a skirt! I'll turn it into a skirt!

So I did...this is what the waist looks like. I can't believe that I forgot to take a before photo...

...shocking, absolutely shocking!
(after everyone left, Brittany checked my blood type- I am O+ )

I do hope every one had a fun time~ I'll come help you sew sometime! =)


Brittany C said...

'Twas a lovely party idea, Adrienne, and I think we all had a simply delightful time! Thank you, Mrs. McKee for feeding us such delicious soup and salad! I can hardly wait to try making some of that soup myself. :)

Hana - Marmota said...

This does sound like a fun birthday party idea!

Adrienne said...