Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guess what?!

We (Mom & I) went to the GOP ballot drawing meeting last night.
All the candidates or their volunteer (if there is no one then the GOP Chairman will do it) get to draw numbered slips of paper, to see what order their names will appear on the ballot.

I volunteered to draw for Ron Paul, and guess what! I drew the first slot! Ron Paul will be the first presidential candidate listed on the ballot in Hunt County!

Thank you Judge Steve Tittle, for taking this photo of me. =)

(I can see that I need to do something about my posture...maybe even exercise more...hmm....)


Donna Paul said...

Beautiful blog site and Great job picking Ron's spot. I don't get to see you long enough to ever really talk, but you are an outstanding young woman. Loved reading about the books and seeing your examples. My favorites were The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Maida's Little House, Lad, A Dog, Buff, A Collie, The Black Stallion, and My Friend Flicka. Love, Donna

McKee Family said...

Hi, Mrs. Paul! It is nice to hear from you~ Yes, The Five Little Peppers books are a lot of fun, but they were written in the 1800's, so I will not be talking about them during this "blog event"! =) Thank you for sharing with me! Love you too, Adrienne