Sunday, March 04, 2012

My "weekend" day 4

We started our day with a big brunch- 2 kinds of thick cut Homemade Bacon...

...and as many Oatmeal Pancakes, butter & maple syrup as one could hold! (I was a pretty good girl, I did not eat pancakes- I had quiche, bacon & peach smoothy!)

Then, before Benjamin left, he gave rides around the back yard!

After that, we took (well, okay Joshua drove) Joshua over to Papa & Grandma's house, so they could take him the rest of the way over to Cleburne (for "wrap duty"). And Grandma wanted a photo...this really was the best out of 9. =)

In looking for a park in Cedar Hill (we did not find one), we saw this cute green house!

We did find a park "Boulder Park" in South Dallas (across from the airport on hwy 67), where we happily took A LOT of photos, and had my Birthday Picnic! The only problem with it was it was a bike park, so we could not use the trails, and there were no we ate quick! =) (Can you see the water spigot in the tree? Somebody has a sense of humor!)

Silly Girls!

We had homemade Kombucha tea, little pickles from Costco, "Kettle Chips" also from Costco, (some people had cream crackers, too) and Mom made homemade chicken salad (organic, free range chicken breasts from Rehoboth Ranch - celery, Pink Lady apples and green onions from our garden (all were organic) tossed with homemade mayo made fresh that morning and topped with almond slices that were toasted in butter! It was good! =)

My Pa & Ma.

We prefer to eat any kind of salad, you know, tuna, egg, chicken, etc... on potato chips. =)

Feet in the dirt, under the picnic table! (This was a very clean park!)

Look what we saw in Dallas, on I30, on our way home today (around the Gus Thomason exit)! Someone wrote in the dust of this 18 wheeler: Ron Paul ...I kid you not! I wondered if it was a passer by, or the driver himself... =)

Bye, bye Boys...see you later on in the month!

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McKee Family said...

We invited a friend to join our picnic and that didn't work out. I'm SOOOO glad we decided to do it anyway! Even though we were very tired and could have gone straight home.... It was adventurous finding a park from the city road map! AND it was an absolutely PERFECT day for a picnic!

Carpe Diem!