Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow, Y'all!  My 300th post is here at last. I am having a hard time believing that I have made that many posts... I started blogging way back in 2006- when blogging was THE way to stay connected.

My very first post was, believe it or not- the 20th of May. Yes, it was for Eliza Doolittle Day!  (Hmmm...I guess that I have been crazy longer than I care to admit!) 
Just for grins, my first 2 posts: here & here. (be nice now- you have to remember that I was working with DIAL-UP....and anything to do with the blog, esp. pictures took an insane length of time and it took the computer's WHOLE brain. Mom did not like it.)
I think that 300 posts sounds like a reason to celebrate~ and what better way to celebrate than with presents?!  To say thank you to all my readers, I am planning 5 Giveaways spread out over the summer!  =)

(you can click on the "Giveaway" link on the right side of the page to better keep up with what's new)
 ~The drawing is closed~
What do I have here?!  Your very own packet of Stash Tea* (5 kinds)!
*Sorry, cup & saucer not included

One reason I like Stash Tea is that each tea bag actually makes 2-4 cups (a small pot) of tea!

Would you like a sip?  There are 3 ways to enter~ Yes, you can enter up to 3 times per person!

Please leave a separate comment for each entry:

1. Follow or Subscribe to my blog (or tell me that you did already)
2. Re-post, Share, E-mail or Pin this post....leave a link if you can.
3.Tell me what your current Favorite Book is. (or what are you reading right now)  =)

(if for some reason you can't comment, then e-mail me your entries~
~ put Tea Giveaway the subject line and send to: threemckees (at) gmail (dot) com

Please Note:
~ The drawing will close and I will (hopefully) announce the winner (soon after) at 12pm on the 9th of July 2012.

~ My unbiased neighbor: Ruth, will be doing the drawing for me. =)

~ I'll announce the winner on my blog and you will have to contact me, so I can get it to you!

~ I think I will ship overseas...I really want to  Half of my readership is from outside the US!


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Congrats on your 300th post. Yes indeed, worth celebrating. I am now following you.

Dorothy Explora said...

i'm now following you via gfc! and i heart tea :)


Dorothy Explora said...

pinned! :) good luck on the giveaway..!

Dorothy Explora said...

and the first book that comes to mind that is a favorite would be:

wicked, the life and times of the wicked witch of the west! ;D

btw, congrats on the milestone! looking forward to many more posts form you!


Adrienne said...

This Giveaway is now closed~ thank you Mrs. Olson and Dorothy for entering! =)

Dorothy Explora said...

can't wait! ;D

McKee Family said...

Dorothy please send me an e-mail with Tea Giveaway in the subject line! Thank you~ threemckees (at) gmail (dot) com