Friday, April 20, 2012


I polished some of my rings the other day, and then just crammed them all on the same finger afterwards...then I realized that they were my extra special rings!

Left to right they were given to me by:
Mom & Dad, Joshua, Benjamin, and my late Aunt Vivi (Sylvia), who was also my godmother!

I decided that it was so special that I needed to take a photo, and post about it. =) 

Do you have a special ring(s)?


Benjamin Mckee said...

I do, and it's on your finger!


Anonymous said...

I do, and they are both from my most favorite man in the world. :)
Sarah H.

Adrienne said...

Benjamin~ you are sweet!

Sarah~ that's as it should be! =)

((HUGS)) to both of you!