Monday, April 02, 2012

Fun Monday~ 1970's

Warning/Disclaimer: I would not recommend the first 2 shows for children.

Mork & Mindy
, 1978-1982

For a slice of 1970's cultural experience, watch Mork & Mindy! "....A wacky alien comes to Earth to study its residents, and the life of the human woman he boards with is never the same...."
I like Mindy's hair-do's and most of her clothes! We own the series. Mom watched it when she was young and mentions she had jeans like that, etc.
Here is a cute (& short) clip you can watch: The Egg scene! (I love the theme song, but I could not find a clip of it to share it with you...)
Nanoo Nanoo.

The Good Life, or sometimes known as Good Neighbors, 1975-1978

Tom & Barbara Good and Jerry & Margo Ledbetter
"...The perils of "escaping the rat race" and dropping out of society - to start a farm in Surbiton..."
The Good's are farming in the city, and their best friends and next door neighbors the Ledbetters just don't get it. =) Tom & Barbra are so sweet! My parents watched the reruns on PBS in the mid 1980's, and Dad likes to whistle the tune that Tom does...I wonder if my Man could/would learn to do it, too? We own this series as well. Too bad the show didn't last very long.

Click here to listen to/watch the opening titles~ I never skip it when watching the show. =)
And here is a good clean clip you can watch: Would you like some bread with that cheese?

Bonanza!, 1959- 1973

"...The adventures of Ben Cartwright and his sons as they run and defend their ranch while helping the surrounding community. ..."
I don't understand the people who just LOVED Little Joe (spoiled brat)...I like Hoss & Adam MUCH better! The sad news is that the Ponderosa Ranch at Lake Tahoe closed down...the happy news is that we got to go one time (in 1999 when we were visiting mom's dad and grandmother)! Tahoe...fond childhood memories for mom. And we3. =)

Bonanza Theme Song:


"Carolyn Haywood (January 3, 1898 - January 11, 1990) was an American author and illustrator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Haywood published 47 children's books, most notably the series under the "Eddie" and "Betsy" titles."

I bought and read my first (and only) Betsy book YEARS ago, and then just a few years ago, I stumbled upon the Eddie books, not even knowing that they were by the same author! I liked the Betsy book and I LOVE the Eddie books, I was getting them from the library and interlibrary loan...I've not read them all, but someday I will! =) (Eddie & Gardenia takes place in Texas!)

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Unknown said...

Yes! Someone else who recognizes Little Joe for the spoiled brat he is!! I honestly cannot stand him - Adam is my favorite:)

I'm not very familiar with 70s shows, so I'll have to look into the 2 others you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing!