Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ron Paul in Ft. Worth

(This is my "Sarah Rosa" face!) I was all decked out in my 2008 shirt, and 2012 button...I'm still thinking about a new shirt....I just can't decide which kind!

I had fun last night! Saw a lot of friends & acquaintances (new & old!), got lots of hellos, hugs & smiles! (We saw people we had not seen in 4 years!) I love the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth, I love that it is SO old, and I like to think about what it would have been like "way back when", etc...and if anything ever happened to it I would probably cry.

The Auditorium sat 2800, but I know that we had a few more people than that! =)

I like to be involved politically with good folks of whom I have no fear.

I mean that this group of folks are NOT waiting for me to turn my back so they can stab me. We've all got each other covered.

Mom and Raymond-from-Waco~

I was helping this guy on the right (Jake), hold this banner, but instead of getting the guy on the left to take the photo, he held the sign, and I took it! Oh, well! I know that I was there! =)

We made this YouTube while we were holding these big signs:

Ron Paul (Mrs. Paul was there too) ~
(click here to watch the whole speech)Link
I took this video at the beginning:

Mom and Me~

Garry and Paul~

My outgoing self got 3 or 4 people to sign up...sigh...I'm going to have to work on that. =}

And now for the last event of the evening, Jeremy will be doing a few "clipboard" tricks, as photographed by Debbie McKee:

That's all folks~ thanks for coming out!


Anonymous said...

can't believe i'm on youtube!

Anonymous said...

i had such a great time working with you at the rally adrienne. i would like to re enact the part where you became a life sized walking bumper sticker. that would be some fun footage!

Adrienne said...

I had fun too~ are you going to the RPT convention?! I wonder if anyone even got a photo of me?! =) I guess I was pretty funny, lol!