Monday, July 09, 2012


Last Thursday My Family went and saw Pixar's new movie "Brave".

I thought that I would share our thoughts with you:

Typical Disney, less like Pixar.  Typical dumb dad and smart mom.  More crude than other Pixar movies. I did not care for the nudity. Notice it is a PG not G.  At least there were consequences to the rebellion and it was all resolved and they were reconciled.  The short before was really cute.  The music was were the accents...
  If you go, watch the credits, there is a surprise at the end.

All in all, we were disappointed.  If you are questioning it, just wait to rent it. 

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We were going to go over to Braum's for treats after, but somehow the car turned the wrong way, and we went home without! =(

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Dorothy Explora said...

really? a rental? good to know. i was contemplating either BRAVE or SNOW WHITE and the HUNTSMAN... and opted for the latter. it was typical too, so i was kinda bummed i SHOULD have watched brave instead. but now that you say this, i don't feel too bad :)

btw, i just rented "mirror mirror" too. we'll see how that one fairs.