Thursday, August 30, 2012

My new friend

My friend (who shall remain nameless), was telling me about feeling a bit envious of her married friends...and after thinking about it she decided that it was because of things they got- like Waffle Makers, etc...

 She told me that she decided that that was silly, she could have a Waffle Maker if she wanted to! She did not need to be married, or wait to be married to get one of her own. I agreed with her. (She got one and is quite happy, I am happy to report!)

This friend of mine (who is younger than I) suggested that I think about doing the same. I told her that I've been the "Hope Chest" route, and while it is fun at the time, I found it to be kind of I have given away some of my things.  There are many things I decided to start using now because I want to enjoy them, life's too short! 

I did not really think much more about it, 'til we went to ME's house for dinner....every time I see my "nephew" Charlie's toy Sophie, I think "I want one!...when I have kids I am going to get one!" (I first saw her in the Magic Cabin catalog, YEARS ago).  But this time, my other friend's words came to mind, and I said "I don't have to have children in order to have my own Sophie!"  (I know, there is no guarantee that I will have children)...later on, I was going to chicken out, but Mom encouraged me not to.  I am so glad that I did not! =)  Thanks Mom!

Love at first sight:

My baby!  (read all of Sophie's adventures by clicking on "Sophie" over in the label list on the right ->

Mom got Sophie a big brother!

What should I name Sophie's big bro?
I like:Ted, Andy, Gus, Roger, Walt, Willy, Grant and Reese.

How they make Sophie:

Happy Birthday Sophie - 1961:


McKee Family said...

I vote for Gus or Roger, but neither are ones I suggested the other day. I guess the giver can't necessarily choose the name...and by now I can't remember what I suggested! =)

Let's see, Sophie and Gus or Roger and Sophie, hmmmmm....I think one syllable is best.....

Love you!
Mom (who is glad she insisted on buying Sophie a brother!)

Anonymous said...

I think you are so very right about not waiting, life IS short! I LOVE Sophie, so did Caroline. I am sure Melanie will too. I vote Ted for Sophie's big brother. :) Enjoy life! ~Sally

Anonymous said...

You will have to bring Sophie for a playdate. My littles will be so impressed that a grown up has a cool toy like them. ;) ~ME