Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dressing for Fall...

...I am posting these outfits in participation with  Be Thou My Vision's "Fall Has Fallen"
Fall Fashion Blog Party (here).  I confess that to me, it's way too early (and hot to even think about Fall clothes...), and I spend my Fall days trying to wear my favorite Summer clothes again before I have to un-pack the Winter things.  
(Winter things are different- I look forward to dressing for winter...I hope that it's supposed to be cold this year!)

 But I had borrowed Mrs. Bee's friend (my Dad named her "Dolly"), so I thought that I would just dress her up, and put all my outfits in this one post.  =)   I felt like Miss Rose White dressing the mannequin over and over!!! (I love that movie)

My friends know that my clothes (& shoes) don't tend to wear-out...they live for ever. =}
(That's good and dream is that friends would come over and play with all my things and arrange/put together "new" outfits for me to wear....I feel like I'm in a rut, and I wear the same combinations over & over...for years!)

*This lovely Denim shirt was from a boutique (really good clearance).
*The dress is from Ross (it came with a funny shirt that I gave away). 
*K-mart Sandals ($20) and Azalea T-straps ($13, JCP clearance).
  (not shown- No Nonsense nylons)

Combining 2 challenges: Wear a cardigan. 
and wear an outfit inspired by your favorite time period (not favorite, but Anne of Green Gables).

 *Heavy cotton broomstick skirt- Goodwill.
*Cream cotton t-shirt from K-mart.  (I love K-mart, I wish there was a store nearer to me!)
*Leather belt- Wal*mart (10-15 years ago!).
*Cotton Liz Claiborne Sweater- Goodwill in Mount Pleasant (years ago- I just change the buttons once in a while, to make it different!)
 *K-mart Sandals ($20) and Azalea T-straps ($13, JCP clearance).
 (not shown- No Nonsense nylons)

In action:  (Yes, I did just come flying out of that slide!)

A close-up of my current favorite pendant....
probably purchased for less than $1, at Hobby Lobby (years ago!).

Today's fashion challenge: Wear a scarf.
(keep an eye out, I will try to get a picture!)

Today's fashion challenge: Wear some sort of hat.
The 2 nicer outfits are usually worn to church, and I wear hats in church... will just have to try to picture it.  =) I have 2 neutral straws, one black paper.
(in the Winter I wear wool or chenille)

Today's fashion challenge: Dress like the person who most inspires you in the world of fashion. (I'll just say a lot of my dear friends!)

This is a good casual outfit, especially if you are going to be a carrying a large cardboard tombstone, that has a thought provoking message on it....

 *Purple t-shirt-  Wal*mart again. (I hate to shop at that store, for anything...)
*Denim flower skirt- made by me...I know, it needs help! =)
*Denim jacket- Casey & Max (really good clearance @ Goodies)
*K-mart Sandals ($20) and Azalea T-straps ($13, JCP clearance).
 (not shown- No Nonsense nylons)

 Today's fashion challenge: Wear an autumn-y print blouse, skirt or dress.

 Today's fashion challenge: ?????
The nationwide End The Fed Rally is in November...
(don't ask, google did it) never know what the weather will be like...sometimes short sleeves, sometimes layering short over long....
*T-shirt- John Jay Myers, yes, the same guy running for US Senate.
*Skirt- made by me (bias on one side & straight grain on the other).
 *Azalea T-straps ($13, JCP clearance).
 (not shown- No Nonsense nylons)


 I thought that I should post a new photo of can be difficult to get a good self-portrait.

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