Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sophie the Election Clerk

Did you wonder what Sophie was up to today?  Well, now you know!

To work an election, you have to get up early...
....like around 4-4:30 so you can drive to the polling place, and arrive at 6-6:15 am. =)
And you have to be there early to set things up. (Note to self: lock the door til' 7am, other wise you have to throw the Way-too-early-birds out...)

(Clerks don't need to study this handbook, but Sophie thought that she would look smarter if she had her picture taken with it.)

 Sophie was having a sign-wave, but when you are only 7" tall, it's just too scary to stand by a highway in the wind for very long!

 Good clerks get to take a nap after lunch. IF their Mom is the Election Judge. =)

We had a whopping 60% voter turnout (172), and Adrienne wrote down nearly all the names & numbers...Good thing that Mom helped me sometimes, 'cause Sophie just watched.


And we all told the voters "Thank you, have a nice day!"


Anonymous said...

John Jay said: "Thanks Sophie!"

Anonymous said...

love it! Is sophie one of those cool teething toys? If so, I'm gonna need one of those!! I just discovered them the other day.

Anonymous said...

Livy and I looked at the pictures together and to say she was delighted would be an understatement. :)


Anonymous said...

Sophie looks like she had some fun! --BKBM