Thursday, September 05, 2013

A sad puppy and a new pillowcase

Mom, Emmet & I went to my Grandparent's house for a few days to help sew drapes.  Emmet was sad because he had to stay in our room the whole time....

 But he was such a good boy, when the drapes were done, I let him out to keep me company as I made a new pillowcase.  (No, I did not really need a new one- but as an overnight caregiver, your pillowcase is an important accessory, like a purse or hat.)

Now, Emmet is a happy puppy!  (I'm happy too~ I just love my new pillowcase!)

(The fabric is from the Pam Kitty line, and I bought it at:, but it is sold out.
You can also buy it at the Fat Quarter Shop...just put Pam Kitty in the search box!)

1 comment:

McKee Family said...

I love your new pillowcase! AND I love YOU! Thanks for being your sweet, delightful self. I'm glad Emmett has stuck around awhile. =)